Travelling to sorsele

Sorsele might seem far away, but it really is in the middle of things. You could pass by on your way to Norway or further north in Swedish Lapland. Or you could pass by on your journey with the train Inlandsbanan. Either you could stay here on your way further, or you could come here to stay longer. The latter is preferred. But we do know that our strength is that once you’ve been here, you want to come back.

Photo: Maria Broberg

Travelling to sorsele

travel to sorsele by train and bus

As a sustainable destination, many of our guests choose to travel here by train.  We recommend travellers to Sorsele to consider one of the overnight trains from Stockholm, a comfortable way of travelling into Swedish Lapland by some of Europe’s most modern trains. First and second-class cars are available, and couchettes and sleeping cars facilities are provided on longer trips. Many of the entrepreneurs operating in this area can arrange transfer for you, from your arrival in Umeå. It is also possible to book a bus-ticket in connection with your railway ticket to get here, or to one of the villages outside of Sorsele. To plan your trip and book your ticket, use the web application Travel planner.

During the summer months, it is possible to go to Sorsele with the Inlandsbanan train, going from Kristinehamn in the south to Gällivare in the north. Inlandsbanan runs on a historical railway and is a travel worthy of itself. With the ticket, you can also go to Ammarnäs by bus. For booking, go here.

Flying to sorsele

 There’s no airport here. But it is strategically located in between airports – within a two hour drive you’ll reach four different airports: Arvidsjaur, Lycksele, Vilhelmina and Hemavan. Arvidsjaur airport is the closest to Sorsele, and has a convenient transfer to and from the main village. While a little farther away, it’s also possible to fly to Skellefteå or Luleå – the fifth largest airport in Sweden – and go by bus or car the rest of the way.

Flight transfer from arvidsjaur

To and from Arvidsjaur, you can take the comfortable flight transfer into the main village of Sorsele and villages outside Sorsele. For prices, information and booking, contact or +46 (0)952-120 00 or visit Sorsele buss for booking.

Going to Sorsele by car

Between Karesuando and Sicily, the route E45 goes straight through Sorsele. So does the classic route 363, the route that runs along river Vindelälven, that starts in Ammarnäs and connects Sorsele with the coastal region and Umeå.  Car is convenient way of discovering all that Sorsele has to offer. There are several international car rental agencies to choose from when you arrive at one of the airports.

Airports and railway stations

Umeå Airport / Railway station

Luleå Airport

Skellefteå Airport

Jörn railway station

Lycksele Airport / Railway station

Bastuträsk Railway station

Vilhelmina Airport

Hemavan airport

Inlandsbanan Railway Station in Sorsele

Arvidsjaur Airport