Sami experiences

What’s in a Sami experience? Well, to us it means saying something about the Sami culture and way of life from an inside perspective. Those listed below are all Sami entrepreneurs. And if you are guided by them, you’ll learn in one way or another about the life and culture of the Sami.

The Sami history and culture is narrated, not written. And these companies work with telling stories in one way or another. They can tell stories through words, through songs, through taste or the reindeer they’ll allow you to meet, and they tell you stories about the places you visit, the tools they use or the food they make.


He is the reindeer herder who started to work with horses. Part of the Fjällhästen experience is ridning in the area that belonged to the owner’s forefathers.

Geunja Sami Ecolodge

Geunja Sami Ecolodge embodies the Sami experience. From living as a Sami did in the 19th century – either in a log cabin or a goathie – to eating traditional Sami food, seeing Sami artefacts and getting stories about the Sami way of life.


The former reindeer herder who decided to get into developing Sami food into modern products, and who can be seen around Sorsele and Ammarnäs cooking food outdoors. With him you’ll get a good story to go with your gurpi burger.

Piltos goda

Together with Outdoor-Ticket Ingrid Pilto shows parts of the Sami culture. The tour takes you with a dogsled between summer settlements in the mountains. Traditional Sami food is served on the evenings, together with stories about life as a reindeer herder.


A tasty hike in the beautiful Vindelfjällen mountains, where the freshwater spring, the fishing lake and the fire gives you the opportunity to try a part of sami food culture. Catch your fish and season it with mountain herbs, and cook it in the traditional way.

Sara Ajnnak

Sara Ajnnak is the joik artist who combines traditional joik with progressive pop music. Listen to one of her albums, or take contact to see if she’s available.