Fishing in Sorsele, Ammarnäs and Gargnäs

Fly fishing Is a big thing here. And if you try fishing here, it’s not hard to imagine why. First of all, the quality is unique, much because of the long-term work with sustainable fishing in the area. The region of Ammarnäs has been in the forefront for decades.

There’s plenty of water for everyone, making it a fisher’s paradise. There are three river valleys, as well as smaller streams and creeks. There are large lakes and small, hideaway ponds and chrystal clear mountain lakes. And the mayfly hatching, which occurs around midsummer, is spectacular.

You could fish for a whole life without being on the same spot twice. Though, chances are you’d want to come back to the same spot. And you could find places no-one has been to in a decade.

Within two hours driving from one point to another, it is possible to experience world-class fishing for grayling, pike, salmon, trout and arctic char to name some. During night or during day, in solemn waters or in streaming waters, with dry fly or sport fishing, depending on where you go and what you want to do. And of course, the fish is as big, or challenging, as your best stories.

We encourage you to take contact with one of our guides or the fishing centers. They will help you getting the best possible fishing experience.

Ammarnäs GuideCenter

Ammarnäs GuideCenter offers expertise guiding in Ammarnäs and Kraddsele, with a decade of experience of fly fishing for grayling and trout in the area. Also has a sport fishing shop.

Fishyourdream Ammarnäs

Fishyourdream are leading in Sweden in fishing tourism, and have long worked with sustainable fishing. Offer exclusive fly fishing waters and guided, high-end fishing arrangements. Fly fishing shop.

Geunja Sami Ecolodge

Offers exclusive fishing waters in the beautiful mountain surroundings, always with a care for sustainability and sustainable fishing. Combine hiking and fishing!


Are you curious about fly-fishing in Sorsele? Outdoor-Ticket offers a two day long intensive fly fishing course for beginners, as well as guided fly-fishing in the region.


At the fishing camp in Bertejaure the guests are treated to a retreat, fishing for trout and arctic char in beautiful surroundings. Also, the owner is an accomplished storyteller!


Therese is a passionate fly fisher who wants to make other women discover the beauties of fly fishing.

Hook and Cup

Hook and Cup is the place to start a Sorsele fishing experience. Here you can get expert tips, hire fishing gear and have a cup of coffee with one of their guides.


Sorselefisket offers exclusive fly fishing waters in the Sorsele area. For a special experience, try one of Sorselefisket’s lakes during the Vulgata mayfly hatching.

V River Service

V River Service specializes in sustainable fishing in and around the Gargnäs area. Such as fishing for salmon, or in those special places few have heard about.

Alex Flyfishing

French-speaking organization specialized in fly fishing trips in the Sorsele region and the surrounding area.  You are also welcome to stay at their own fishing camp, Arctic Line Lodge.


Laplandtime offers all inclusive fishing adventures for trout/grayling, pike/perch and salmon.