Hiking and biking

Either you are an experienced hiker looking for a challenge, a group of friends who wants to enjoy nature and culture during the day and come back for good food and comfortable beds – or even a family with children going for their first hiking adventure; you’ll find something to suit your hiking experiences here. Within a one hour drive, you will find trails in a mountain environment, as well as trails in primeval, fairytale forests.

There are many different trails in the mountain area, going north, east and south in the nature reserve of Vindelfjällen, long and short. In Ammarnäs there’s a convenient gate to the King’s Trail, the world-famous trail that is 400 kilometers long in total. From Ammarnäs you could go in either direction – one of which is the most easily walked of the King’s Trail, and the other one of the hardest.

In Ammarnäs, there are additional 200 kilometers of loop trails with varying difficulty in close proximity to the accommodations, some of which will give you a nice possibility of mountain hiking with children.

There are other well-known hiking spots in Sorsele and Gargnäs, for example the mountains of Nalovardo and Abmoberget, the canyon of Gimegoults and other nature- and culture trails to discover. We recommend you to make contact with a guide, who will keep you safe and make sure to give you the best possible experience that suits your preferences.

Ammarnäs GuideCenter

From soft hiking or traditional hiking, or sports like trail running and MTB in the mountains, Ammarnäs GuideCenter provides the guide and service.

Björk Experience

Go on day tours along the loop trails of Ammarnäs, and come back to the village for a nice dinner and a made bed. Björk Experience helps you with route suggestions and packed lunches.


Hike with the assistance of huskies in mires and woods. Together with Cold Nose Huskies and their dogs, it’s possible to track wild animals and enjoy the view from one of the mountain tops in the area.

Geunja Sami Ecolodge

Your guide is one of the most knowledgeable guides you can find in the Vindelfjällen nature reserve. Learn about the wildlife, the plants and the surrounding nature and culture.


NordTrek offers guided hiking and trekking tours, in the whole municipality. With NordTrek you can discover the hidden gems available here – and there are plenty – by foot or snow shoes.


Go hiking with Outdoor-Ticket located just outside Sorsele, in Vindelfjällen nature reserve and other places.

Sorsele Fat Bike tours

Sorsele Fat Bike Tours offer tours in and around Sorsele, summer and winter. Explore Sorsele on frozen lakes, sandy beaches or through the forest.

Huskyfarm Tväråträsk

It’s all about dogs! Have a short ride with the Alaskan Huskies on a cart, go for a hike with dog assistance or just enjoy playing and spending time with them!

Sapmi Visti

Not just the ordinary hike – Sapmi Visti combines hiking, eating and learning. You’ll be guided in the Sami culture and kitchen, while discovering the Vindelfjällen mountain reserve by foot.

Rental of bikes and hike gear

NordTrek (hiking gear)

Trollforsen (bikes)

Outdoor-Ticket (hiking gear)

Holmen Bed & Breakfast (fatbikes)