Boating and canoeing

Boats and canoes isn’t just a way of getting around. It’s also a way of experiencing the surroundings in a different way. You’ll see the nature from a whole different perspective when you see it by boat. In some areas, the Vindelälven river turns into a fjord, surrounded by dramatic cliff walls – a part you would hardly see in the summer, unless from a boat. Or, you could watch the wildlife living in and around the Vindelälven river, or one of the many other streams and lakes in the area. Either you could go on a guided tour, or check out the rentals to rent a boat or canoe.


Aha Lodge

Aha Lodge combines paddling with saddling. Go by canoe on the beautiful lake Aha to their outdoor camp, and ride on a horse through the Aha mountains and forests on your way back the next day.


From huskies to canoes – experience nature with the nature lovers. Cold Nose Huskies will take you to areas that almost aren’t possible to reach by foot with their full day of canoeing.

Geunja Sami Ecolodge

With Geunja Sami Ecolodge, you can find boat taxi by Lake Tjulträsket as well as guided boat- and canoe trips in the lake and the river delta with all its’ wildlife.

Ammarnäs Båttaxi

You find Ammarnäs Boat taxi in lake Tjulträsket, where the road ends. Ammarnäs Boat taxi guide you around the Tjulträsket valley, or let you get to the King’s Route in a different way.

Boat and canoe rentals



Sorsele camping

Aha Lodge

Geunja Sami Ecolodge

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