Skiing and snow shoeing

The mountains and the frozen river makes for excellent ways of experiencing nature in the winter. In fact, cross country skiing has an extremely long tradition in the area and a common way for locals as well as visitors to enjoy a day out.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself on a pair of skis. There are two downhill skiing resorts, where it’s possible to rent downhill skiing gear, one in Ammarnäs and one in Nalovardo outside Sorsele. With a pair of classic cross-country skis you could go on one of the well-kept groomed trails around Ammarnäs and Sorsele. Snow shoeing is even more easy than skiing – if you can walk, you can do snow shoes – and is suitable for everyone.

If you feel more adventurous, there’s also a possibility to go ski touring. There are marked trails to follow, like the long Vindelälven route, but our ski guides knows their way around and could take you on a real adventure. Maybe some advanced alpine climbing, or going for a calmer cross-country experience tracking animals. Your guide can adapt the tour to suit you and your level of experience!

Ammarnäs GuideCenter

If you want another experience than skiing in the groomed trails around Ammarnäs, you could go skiing or snowshoeing with Ammarnäs GuideCenter. They have the package deal with skiing and food in the mountains.

Geunja Sami Ecolodge

Different ski tours – for example, you could combine animal tracking with cross-country skiing. Your guide can also tell you about the traditional Sami use of skis! Trained in mountain rescue.

Lapland Guides

Offers day excursions for people of all levels here, but also those unusual gems including pulks, tents and multi-day options.


NordTrek offers different kinds of ski- and snow shoe tours, with varying difficulty – from summit climbs to multi-day ski tours just enjoying the winter landscapes, no matter the altitude. Also a downhill skiing instructor. Is trained in avalanche rescue.


Outdoor-Ticket just outside Sorsele offers a wide selection of activities, one of which is walking on snow with snowshoes.