Dog sledding

Dog sledding in vast, white winter landscapes is in many ways synonymous with an adventure in Swedish Lapland. Many are those living in this area, who love mushing their dogs, feeling the energy of the pack of dogs and experiencing the silence while on a sleigh behind them. In fact, the river Vindelälven is the arena of the annual and long-time running sled dog race Vindelälvsdraget. Dog sledding demands vast areas, long distances and snow – and that we have plenty of.


Explore the beautiful nature of Swedish Lapland by dog sled! Guided husky tours, from shorter day trips up to unique multi-day experiences. Welcome to the world’s happiest dogs!


Focuses on small groups and exclusive week-long dog sledding tours. With Outdoor-Ticket, you’ll get to experience the whole area in different ways.

Huskyfarm Tväråträsk

Unforgettable dog sledding adventures in Swedish Lapland! Multi day tours and shorter day trips in the amazing northern winter landscape.